NET panic

NET Panic

Do you feel stressed or overwelmed by all those bytes coming to your computer? Or are you sharing much more then you would like? Ok, enough with the jokes, this software is very basic and simple with only one job to do....Get you offline/online as soon as possible.
Why? I'm sure you might find your reasons, but here are some.....

First release 1.0:

  • click to disconnect/connect
  • remember last status on exit
Battery Limiter

Battery Limiter

New version released 1.0.5:

  • new engine, allows computer to sleep while not charging
  • some bug fixes
  • lower limit charge available to max 50%
  • new default alarm
  • custom alarm message available
  • * new installer, please make sure to uninstall the old version first

Battery Limiter is free to use, very simple software. Check out more details and means to download your copy.


Kevlar Bikini - Hi-Fi or Die

These guys are really great! Buy one of their albums "on a stick" (right here) and you'll get to see the works of me on a custom made visuals and player. HINT: catch the password for a hidden goodies while you listen to their album.


Tile 'em all

Once upon a time there was a gaming portal of highest quality...but nevermind that now... the original Tile 'em all (also featured here) is just one click away now :) There were some game variations voluntary, this is one of them here.

outdated sign_off

Sign off

Fun and interesting project made for a Windows Phone platform challenge back in 2012. This platform has evolved and I have made some more applications for clients, but this one's my child and I keep telling myself I should find some time and come up with a "refreshed" edition.

outdated rss_tracker

RSS Tracker

I think this was the first app for Windows Phone (7) platform I have ever made. Which is probably true if you want to judge it by its appearance. But nevertheless this app still has some hidden cards up its sleeves. For the sake of all of you out there still believing in RSS feeds.