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Do you feel stressed or overwelmed by all those bytes coming to your computer? Or are you sharing much more then you would like? Ok, enough with the jokes, this software is very basic and simple with only one job to do....Get you offline/online as soon as possible.
Why? I'm sure you might find your reasons, but here are some.....

So what is it and how does it work? Just click to disconnect, all NET enabled adapter on your system will be disabled. If disabled, click again to enable all adapters.
NET Panic was born out of necessity and is here to stay for eternity.

* This software will not configure or change your adapters in any way, so if you have them properly configured, all adapters disabled by this software will be enabled again by the use of this software. If you enjoy my software and would like to participate/support, please make a donation of your choice here.

Feel free to download your copy and enjoy. If you have some comments/suggestions leave me a message here.

New release 1.2:

New release 1.1:

First release 1.0: